Merrick Morton, West Coast Portraits from the Hood, 1980-1996

Beginning in 1980, Merrick Morton set about going to East and South Central Los Angeles—traveling as far as San Diego—to document street gang culture. 


As an outsider from the San Fernando Valley, Morton was always interested in cultures that were different from his own. The folks in these neighborhoods immediately took to Rick and his quizzical eye, allowing him to move among them freely and affording him unrestricted access to their lives.


  1. Old Amplefordians, Robbie Lawrence

    Robbie Lawrence shoots London's Old Amplefordians Rugby team for Sixteen Volume 10.
  2. Senegal Sport, Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-nti

    Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-nti shoot Senegal's sports culture in Dakar for Sixteen Volume 10.
  3. WWA, Carlos Jaramillo

    Photography by Carlos Jaramillo
    Styling by Marcus Correa