Roe Ethridge, Hardware Pansies

Photographed by Roe Ethridge
Styled by Clare Byrne

Photography: Roe Ethridge, assisted by Jonathan Nesteruk • Styling: Clare Byrne, assisted by Maddie Kachurak • Make-up: Jen Myles @ Streeters, assisted by Tanya Marques • Hair: Mustafa Yanaz @ Art + Commerce, assisted by Beth Shanefelter • Talents: Emiola Abioro @ Next & Valerie Scherzinger @ Women • Production: Artists Commissions • Post-Production: Two Three Two

Previous image: Duck sweater, Gucci. Shirt, Prada. Black tie, Stylist’s Own. Earrings, Jiwinaia.

Previous image, left: Sweater and tie, Rowibg Blazers. Shirt, Prada. Pearl earrings, Beepy Bella. Previous image, right: Blazer, top and tights, Miu Miu. Gold chains and hoops, Sophie Buhai. This image: Cardigan and gold chain, Y-Project.

Previous image, right: Striped shirt and blazer, Rowing Blazers. White shirt, Prada. Black tie and socks, Stylist’s Own. Trousers, Bode. Shoes, Burberry. This image: Cardigan and sweater tied on top, Comission. Hot pants and chaps, Area. Gold necklace, Y-Project.

Previous image, left: Blazer, Eckhaus Latta. Plaid shirt, Fe Noel. Scarf over shoulder, Martine Rose. Earrings and necklace, BeepyBella. Previous image, right: Blazer and hot pants, Area. Turtleneck, Eckhaus Latta. Shirt, Prada. Pearl anklet, Sophie Buhai. Pumps, Gianvito Rossi. This image: Striped shirt and blazer, Rowing Blazers. Sweater, Eckhaus Latta. Necklace, Beepy Bella. Next image, right: Coat and trousers, Sterling Ruby. Turtleneck and shirt, Eckaus Latta. Socks, Stylist’s Own. Shoes, Burberry.


  1. Old Amplefordians, Robbie Lawrence

    Robbie Lawrence shoots London's Old Amplefordians Rugby team for Sixteen Volume 10.
  2. Senegal Sport, Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-nti

    Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-nti shoot Senegal's sports culture in Dakar for Sixteen Volume 10.
  3. WWA, Carlos Jaramillo

    Photography by Carlos Jaramillo
    Styling by Marcus Correa