Ben Toms, Gender Studies

Photography by Ben Toms
Styling by Victoire Simonney


Photography: Ben Toms @ Mini Title • Styling: Victoire Simonney • Assisted by: Emily Bulford & Rowena Guy De Quin • Hair: Mari Ohashi @ LGA Management • Assisted by: Kyosuke Tanzawa • Make-up: Crystabel Riley @ Julian Watson • Assisted by: Laura Onea • Casting: Mollie Dendle @ Mini Title • Models: Vivian @ Viva. McKenzie, Humi @ Models 1. Loes @ Established. Ace @ Brother, Grace @ Milk. Kami, Francis. Set Design: Amy Stickland • Production: Mini Title.

Previous image:Tank top, Céline. This image: Corset, The Vampire’s Wife. Trousers, belts & earrings, Model’s own.

Previous image, left: Shirt, The Age of Adolescence. Blazer & skirt, Y’s. Jeans, Phipps. Previous image, right: Bra, Fifi Chachnil. Sweat pants, Y/Project. This image: Top, Valentino.

Previous image, left: Dress, Simone Rocha. Previous image, right: Shirt, Charvet. Bra, Myla. This image: T-shirt, De Pino.

Previous image, left: Corset Gianni Versace, Spring 1995, Archives by Lea Yo. Trouser, Zilver. Previous image, right: Dress, Helmut Lang. Necklace, Model’s own. This image: Flower neckpiece, De Pino. Shorts, Céline.

Previous image, left: Bodysuit, We are Marcia. Panties, Myla. Previous image, right: Top, Gianni Versace, Archives by Lea Yo. Necklace, Model’s own. This image: Shirt, Charvet.Dress, Fifi Chachnil. Shoes,Simone Rocha.


  1. Old Amplefordians, Robbie Lawrence

    Robbie Lawrence shoots London's Old Amplefordians Rugby team for Sixteen Volume 10.
  2. Senegal Sport, Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-nti

    Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-nti shoot Senegal's sports culture in Dakar for Sixteen Volume 10.
  3. WWA, Carlos Jaramillo

    Photography by Carlos Jaramillo
    Styling by Marcus Correa