Editorial Stories

From fashion to documentaries and archives, discover unique stories from the world of Sixteen Journal.

  1. Seiji Kurata, Flash up

    Flash Up by Seiji Kurata is one of the most exciting photographic excursions into the seedy parts of 1970s Tokyo.
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  2. Werner Bischof, 1951 Japan

    In 1951 Werner Bischof leaves Europe for the first time. His journey in Asia, which lasted two years.
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  3. Keizo Kitajima’s photographs of New York during the 80s capture a rawness that we might not ever see again

    The Japanese photographer has reached great acclaim for his urban shots of people across the globe. But his New York photos in particular – the gritty and allusive – have profound and lasting impact.
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  4. Bruce Gilden on his striking snapshots of darker side of Japan in the 90s

    In search for those who stood out from the crowd, the iconic street photographer ended up capturing an array of homeless people, day workers and the Yakuza – Japan’s mafia.
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  5. Tenmei Kanoh on his legendary series FUCK, a collection of psychedelic nudes shot at an orgy in the late-60s

    While visiting New York on a commission in 1969, the Japanese photographer was invited to an orgy at the studio of Yayoi Kusama – “I had no choice but to shoot!”
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  6. Roe Ethridge, Hardware Pansies

    Photographed by Roe Ethridge
    Styled by Clare Byrne
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  7. Arnaud Lajeunie, A Nose is a Nose is a Nose

    Photographed by Arnaud Lajeunie
    Styled by Victoire Simonney
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  8. Jack Davison, Lift Every Voices

    Jack Davison shoots abstract portraits for Sixteen Journal Volume 4.
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  9. Xavier Encinas, Psalm

    Styled by Victoire Simonney, Psalm is an investigation of the relationship between the camera and the viewer through the concept of “Reclining Nudes”.
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  10. Laurence Ellis, Extinction Rebellion

    Laurence Ellis shoots UK young environmental activists for Sixteen Journal 4.
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  11. Pat Martin, Belongings

    Pat Martin shoots family and friends for Sixteen Journal Volume 4.
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  12. For over 40 years, Mariette Pathy Allen has brought visibility to the trans community

    With a practice that spans over four decades, the photographer has been fighting for rights, equality and freedom for gender nonconforming communities.
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