Editorial Stories

From fashion to documentaries and archives, discover unique stories from the world of Sixteen Journal.

  1. Andy Harrington, Black Swan

    Photography by Andy Harrington
    Styling by Victoire Simonney
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  2. Bharat Sikka, Indian Cricket

    Bharat Sikka shoots Academy Airliner Cricket & RP Cricket Academy, Gargi College in New Delhi for Sixteen Volume 10.
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  3. Bryan Liston, Home Sport

    Photography by Bryan Liston
    Styling by Gabrielle Marceca
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  4. Peloteras: Venezuelan Women Chase Gold

    The Venezuela Baseball Women’s National Team trains under precarious conditions to keep their spot on the podium in Canada. Silvana Trevale flies back home to capture them mid-workout.
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  5. Erinn Springer, Duluth Ice breakers

    Erinn Springer shoots Minnesota's Duluth Women hockey team for Sixteen Volume 10.
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