Editorial Stories

  1. Koji Onaka, Have a break

    Since joining the "image shop CAMP" in 1982, he has traveled all over Japan and has continued to work mainly at independent galleries.
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  2. Jack Davison, Family Ikebana

    Jack Davison shoots family portraiture and Japanese Ikebana for Sixteen Journal Volume 5.
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  3. Hajime Sawatari, Nagisa Hotel

    Sawatari started publishing his photographs in photography magazines while he was enrolled in Nihon University’s Department of Photography, College of Art.
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  4. June Abe, Creatures

    Published by Village Press in 1989, Jun Abe’s Creaturers marked the photographers first photobook of his career.
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  5. Erika Kamano, Paris-Tokyo

    Photography by Erika Kamano
    Styling by Ondine Azoulay
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  6. Sakiko Nomura, Nudes

    Sakiko Nomura is well known by male nude in a small dark room with very black darkness and dim lights.
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  7. Elizaveta Porodina, Sasuke

    Photographed by Elizaveta Porodina
    Styled by Victoire Simonney
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  8. Araki, 67 Shooting Back

    A selection of Araki's most iconic images.
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  9. Roe Ethridge, Camera Japan

    Photographed by Roe Ethridge
    Styled by Clare Byrne
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  10. Tatsuo Suzuki, Friction / Tokyo Street

    “Friction / Tokyo Street” is the first photobook by Tatsuo Suzuki, who has amassed a small cult following online with his black-and-white street photography from Tokyo.
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  11. Masahisa Fukase, Ravens 6: Noctambulant Flight

    Originally published in Published in Camera Mainichi, March 1980, this series shows a new approach of its iconic Ravens series.
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  12. Werner Bischof, 1951 Japan

    In 1951 Werner Bischof leaves Europe for the first time. His journey in Asia, which lasted two years.
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