Sixteen Film Institute

From critically acclaimed directors, rare and unseen documentaries to raising new voices, Sixteen Film Institute’s mission is to invite its audience to discover new visual territories. Since 2021 we have screened online for free more than 50 short films.

  1. Work Out

    Directed by Jack Davison and styled by Ai Kamoshita, this short film is a surrealist take on work out session.
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  2. Fran This Summer

    Teenage lovebirds, sensitive Francis and skater Angie, spend the summer together while Fran begins their transition.
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  3. L'heure Bleue

    End of the school year. Start of summer vacation. Alice steals her brother's car to accompany Diane, her best friend, to an unknown destination.
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  4. Moving

    A woman makes a Sisyphean attempt to get a mattress up the staircase into her new walk-up apartment.
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  5. Slapper

    Taylah is a rebellious, destitute teen from rural Australian suburbia. After a brief sexual encounter, Taylah must scrape together money for the morning-after pill, before it’s too late.
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