Roe Ethridge, Camera Japan

Photographed by Roe Ethridge
Styled by Clare Byrne

Photography: Roe Ethridge • Styling: Clare Byrne, assisted by Maddie Kachurak • Make-up: Seong Hee Park @ Julian Watson • Hair: Mustafa Yanaz @ Art + Commerce • Talents: Chloe @ The Lions, Justice @ Soul • Lighting Design : Jordan Strong • Digital Tech: Jonathan Nesteruk • Production: Artist Commissions

Previous image: Yellow Mesh Top, Vintage Sponsor. Pink Sweater, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy. Jeans, Vintage. Silver Necklace, Pemako. Ring, Bon Bon Whims. This image: Black T-Shirt, Tony Tafuro. Camo skirt, Prada from Sick Boy Archive. Boots, stylist’s kit. Rings, Bon Bon Whims. Necklace, Pekamo. Earring, Brooke Callahan. Hat, Doublet.

Previous image, right: Black Bikini Top, stylist’s kit. Red plaid shirt and skirt, Heaven by Marc Jacobs. Silver Necklace, Pekamo, Beaded multicolor necklace, Brooke Callahan. This image: White mesh long sleeve, Tripp NYC. Long multicolor long sleeve, Vintage sponsor. Plaid pants, Kingsman. Pink goggles, Vintage Prada from Sick Boy Archive. Silver ball Necklace, Pekamo.

Previous image, right: Blue T-Shirt, Vintage Sponsor. Jeans, Vintage. Bag, Tara Babylon. Necklace and bracelets, Brooke Callahan. This image: White T-Shirt, stylist’s kit. Yellow plaid jacket, Tripp NYC. Black cardigan, System. Beige pants, Y/Project. Brown belt and Silver chain belt, Y/Project. A Pin, Balenciaga Stuffed bear on belt, stylist’s kit. Silver ball necklace, Pekamo. Green glass pendant necklace, Keane. Silver ring, Kilgore Brikken.

Previous image, left: Painted long sleeve multicolor shirt, Tony Tafuro. White T-Shirt, Vintage frome Sik Boy Archive. Purple Vest, Heaven by Marc Jacobs. Crochet Bag, Zig Zag Goods. Hat, Red Bean Crochet. Previous image, right: Yellow bikini top, stylist’s kit. Jeans, stylist’s kit. Yellow mesh top, Vintage sponsor. Silver chain belt, stylist’s kit. Both necklaces and blue flower earring, Brooke Callahan. Next image, right: Black Tank, Raf Simons. Black cardigan, Proenza Schouler. Multicolor beaded necklace and black and white pendant necklace, Brooke Callahan. Silver ball necklace, Pekamo.


  1. Old Amplefordians, Robbie Lawrence

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    Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-nti shoot Senegal's sports culture in Dakar for Sixteen Volume 10.
  3. WWA, Carlos Jaramillo

    Photography by Carlos Jaramillo
    Styling by Marcus Correa