Elizaveta Porodina, Sasuke

Photographed by Elizaveta Porodina
Styled by Victoire Simonney

Photography: Elizaveta Porodina • Styling : Victoire Simonney, assisted by Dorian Bergoeing • Lighting Director: Josef Beyer • Make-up : Satoko Watanabe @ Artlist using Make Up For Ever, assisted by Marie Dufresne • Manucurist: Beatrice Eni @ ASG • Hair : Louis Ghewy @ M+A, assisted by Eduardo Bravo • Set Design : Enzo Selvatici, assisted by Frédéric Briet • Talents : Queen T @ Metropolitan, Jana Julius @ Ford • Animals : Naked Cat and Snake @ Prestige Productions • Photo Studio Assistant: Solanne Fardel • Production: Producing Love.

Previous image: Bodysuit, Ami. Trousers, Maitrepierre. This image: Hat, Jean Paul Gaultier, Fall Winter 1994, courtesy of 20 Age Archive Paris. Silk Top, De Pino.

Previous image, right: Top, Acne Studios. Thong, Isa Boulder. Skirt, Comme des Garçons, Spring Summer 1997, courtesy of 20 Age Archive Paris. Shoes, Adieu Paris. This image: Jacket, Comme des Garçons Fall Winter 2013, courtesy of 20 Age Archive Paris.

Previous image, left: Hat, Undercover. Top, Y/Project. Previous image, right: Bodysuit, Ami. Trousers, Maitrepierre. This image: Necklace, d’Heygère. Swimsuit, Isa Boulder. Sleeves, Edward Crutchley. Shoes, Adieu Paris.

Previous image, left: Hat, Hizume. Previous image, right: Overalls, Jean Paul Gaultier. Bra and Thong, Isa Boulder. Sandals, Kezako. Socks, Tabio. Next image left: Top, shorts and skirt, Miu Miu.


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