Xavier Encinas, Psalm

Styled by Victoire Simonney, Psalm is an investigation of the relationship between the camera and the viewer through the concept of “Reclining Nudes”.


In painting, the subject of a nude female reclining on a couch or bed was one of the traditionally accepted subjects. It was a way for the artist to study the human form and demonstrate an ability to communicate subtle aspects of a person's personality, status, or life through a respected form of portraiture.

TEAM CREDITS: Hair: Paolo Soffiati • Makeup: Céline Martin • Set Design: Chloé Guerbois • Models: Irene @ Oui & Palmyre @ Woman.

Previous image: Earring, Y/Project. Necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane. Dress, Jean Paul Gauthier Vintage. Skirt on top, Uma Wang. Chain belt, J.W Anderson. Pumps, Area. This image: Jacket, Simone Rocha. Shorts, Li Ning. Necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane.

Previous image: Top, skirt with suspenders, tights, boots, Junya Watanabe. This image: Dress, Ronald Vand der Kemp Couture. Snake print top,Atlein. Knitted to, Ottolinger. Earcuff, D’Heygere. Necklace, Acne Studios.

Previous image: Dress, J.W Anderson. Printed shirt, Doublet. Necklace, D’Heygere. This image: Dress, Miu Miu. Next image: Earring, Y/Project. Necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane. Dress, Jean Paul Gauthier Vintage.

Previous image: Shirt and dress, Y/Project. Choker, Kenneth Jay Lane. Necklace, Samuel François. This image: Jacket, Carles de Vilmorin. Trousers, Coperni.

Dress worn as top and shoes, Simone Rocha. Black dress, J.W Anderson. Trousers, Y’S.


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