Aubrey Trin, Mormon Trail

I was born into a family of 8 kids, in A Small Place, Utah, on a day that I would later be told by many in my church marks Jesus's birthday. This is the Mormon version of his birthday, in the Spring.

In the Summers, I go home to the place I grew calluses on my knees from praying – I document my place as a way to see it again and re-tell it.

'Mormon Trail' / ‘Mormon Trial’ is one facet of a wide, slow, and patient document about my history and its landscape in every way one can wring meaning out of that word. 


  1. Larry Sultan, Swimmers

    ‘I wanted to do something so absolutely different, and physical, and in a certain way, kind of ill-conceived… I took my camera and went underwater in a bunch of pools. And made pictures.’
  2. Mark Steinmetz, The Players

    Made between 1986 and 1990, these photographs are classic Steinmetz: tenderness, humor, and humanism are all present here.
  3. Walter Iooss Jr., Icons

    Widely considered the world's most influential sports photographer, Walter Iooss Jr.'s images transcend the fame of his subjects and have come to represent modern sports culture.