Arnaud Lajeunie, A Nose is a Nose is a Nose

Photographed by Arnaud Lajeunie
Styled by Victoire Simonney

Photography: Arnaud Lajeunie, assisted by Clément Dauvent and Jules Martin • Styling: Victoire Simonney, assisted by Caroline Mbonjo • Make-up: Cécile Paravina @ Bryant Artists, assisted by Emilie Revoyaz • Hair: Tomohiro Ohashi @ M+A, assisted by Leiko K. • Manicurist: Hanaé Goumri @ TheWallGroup • Talents: Swati @ New Madison, Lisa Helene @ Marilyn, Justine Asset @ women, AnneMarie Saric @ the claw models and Lisa @ Let it go mgmt • Production: Kitten

Previous image: Nose ornament, Acne Studios. This image: Bra, Alaia. Girdle, Les Mauvais Garçons Vintage. Trousers, Issey Miyake. Pumps, Abra. Necklace, Ellery.

Previous image, right: Cropped jacket, Mugler. Leather bra and fringed belt, Alaia. Trousers, Jean Paul Gauthier Vintage. Pumps, Abra. This image: Blouse, Maison Rabih Kayrouz. Corset, Les Mauvais GarçonsVintage. Short, Isabel Marant. Earring, D’Heygere.

Previous image, left: Dress, J.W Anderson. Printed shirt, Doublet. Necklace, D’Heygere. Previous image, right: Vest, Les Mauvais Garçons Vintage. This image: Feather hood, Patou. Dress, Atlein. Pumps, Abra.

Previous image, right: Black bustier, Les Mauvais Garçons Vintage. Lace corset under, Stylist’s Own. Trousers, Byredo. Heart earring, D’Heygere. This image: Dress worn under, Valentino. Shapewear, Les Mauvais Garçons Vintage. Pumps, Abra. Next image, right: Nose ornament, Acne Studios.


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